Over the course of his career, Vincent has created memorable  portraits of legendary artists, musicians, as well as global business and political leaders. His career has spanned across the editorial  and commerical world of photography and brings along a strong visual message to every project. His photojournalist roots are evident in the details of his images.


Vincent has received numerous awards for his work, most noteably for the book he co-authored,  Archtop Guitars: The Journey From Cremona To New York for which he received the Graphis award for Best in Photography in 2011. The book inspired the 2011 New York Metropolitan Museum of Art exhibit: Guitar Heroes.


Vincent's partial client list include Fortune, New York Times, Time, W Magazine, Washingtonian, American Express Publishing Twinlab, and Charles Schwab. His work is syndicated worldwide through Getty Images.


Committed to the development of young photographers, Vincent serves on the board of Positive Exposures, a non-profit organization that creates photographic media projects for charitable organizations.  He was also an adjunct professor at the Center of Digital Imaging Arts at Boston University.


A graduate of American University, VIncent was born in New York CIty and spent his youth in Southampton and Palm Beach.  He now resides in Alexandria, VA.