Born in Bucharest (Romania), into a German speaking family.  Left Eastern Europe at age three. Educated at Wesleyan University. Fluent in three languages by age eight and arriving in the U.S. from Israel in 1967 when he was 10, Theodor  had to confront yet another language -- English. "No doubt," he says, it "strongly contributed to my preference for a silent medium such as Photography."   Feibel holds a BA in biology from Wesleyan, has had a research assistantship at Yale Medical School, as well as a year spent at Columbia University studying economics. He's also dropped out of an MBA program.  Years of living with classical musicians (not his parents who were both physicians) provided the impetus to venture into the Arts professionally.   Professional work began in 1984 with portraiture for classical musicians including an album cover for Island Records.  In 1989 Feibel established his first Manhattan studio on 12'th Street off 5'th Ave.  Over time, he shifted his emphasis from strictly commercial work to fashion photography and then to collectable fine art, though, he says, "I may yet return to editorial fashion photography -- though this remains to be seen."