Spencer Gordon---

is an experienced, versatile visual artist, who has been schooled... blah blah blah.

You don't want to read some boring bio.  Yawnfest!

What you really want to know is that Spencer Gordon is trustworthy. Can this guy create high quality creative images, films, websites for your company / client?  Will the photography, film, website, print project be delivered on time and within budget?  Is this guy easy to work with and does he have your back? Spencer will go to the mat for you to solve your creative idea! YES he will... really.  Highly patient Spencer listens closely to make sure your photography, film, website and print needs are met. Relationships is what Spencer builds with his clients. Whether you work together one time or for a lifetime.  The experience of working with Spencer Gordon is special because he cares about his work, reputation and that you are happy.

20+ years of New York experience and resources you can be assured Spencer's creativity and production skills will take care of you.

When Spencer is not in his studio in DUMBO, NY or photographing on location he is usually out bike riding, walking in Cental Park, helping a friend with some project, going to listen to one of his many musician friends live gigs.... yea the list can go on but you got work to do.