Chicago Advertising, Corporate and Editorial photographer Scott Bell has been concentrating on shooting athletes and "active" people sweating and struggling to perfect their game and to be on top. "There is a real drive behind these people and you can see it in their eyes". He is also creating more photo illustration types of imagery, taking advantage of this digital age and all the new tools at his disposal. 

"What I have enjoyed the most in my career as a professional photographer is meeting and working with different people from all walks of life. My assignments have had me working with celebrities, sports stars, CEO's of Fortune 100 companies, politicians, homeless folks, down on their luck and workers making a living in this world. All sorts of characters! For a brief period, I am granted access to their world and I learn or experience something I hadn't before. See things from a different perspective. I find that people want to be a partner in creating good imagery and I love working with them and learning about them to make it happen!

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