Roger’s 1st experience with photography came as a co-pilot with his father’s aerial photography business in Miami. Being comfortable on airplanes has sure come in handy as Roger finds himself flying all over the world on assignments.“Photography has allowed me to get very close with a childhood obsession… big rigs. Growing up in the 70s and 80s, big rigs were all over the roads and were prevalent in pop culture. I now have the pleasure of shooting the custom big rig scene all over the world. It’s a subject matter with no end date for me. I am working on a book and getting published all over the world along the way.

            Living in Los Angeles has provided some incredible opportunities to work on TV and film sets. In fact, Roger’s ongoing big rig work started after he shot the stills on the documentary film “Big Rig". Ad agencies began hiring him to come on TV commercial productions to shoot stills that eventually became billboard and magazine ads for well known international brands. Having established great working relationships with top agencies, Roger is now in demand for print jobs with an ever growing list of clients and agencies.