Atlanta | New York | Miami fashion and beauty photographer Rich Meade
That's fairly boring isn't it...
Truth is I'm a very laid back shooter that is remarkably uncomfortable with self-promotion.

I do have two astonishingly expensive degrees in photography...
A BFA from the Art Institute of Atlanta and an MA from SCAD.
Both of which make for nice wall art, but have proved to be quite useless in practical business.

What is notable however is that I've been spending the last 5+ years assisting many great photographers such as Liz Von Hoene, Jim Fiscus, Ian Spanier, Lou Bopp, and many others. Which really made me wish I had saved my money and skipped school all together.  

So what is happening now you say?

The past two years have been spent breaking out on my own...working for clients such as Sigvaris, Riva Designs, Coca-Cola, as well as various local boutiques and designers.

Bottom line...I love this business and I love photography. It is truly the only thing I want to do when I wake up in the morning. I fell in love with the technical side, and marvel at the immense creativity it provides me day in and day out.