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Nov 09,2011
Opening Our Eyes - a Feature Documentary Film

Opening Our Eyes
PG-13 76 min. Documentary

Nola Productions in association with Kelly/Mooney Productions presents:  Opening Our Eyes

A film by Gail Mooney and Erin Kelly

It’s Not Just a Movie – It’s a Movement!


Every day….All around the world…

Ordinary people are doing extraordinary things. They are making a difference in the lives of others – and themselves.

Mother/daughter filmmakers, circle the globe on a 99-day journey, seeking people who are making a positive difference in the world. They find remarkable people who are showing the world how to inspire others and create positive change - through the power of ONE.

This film tells the stories of eleven change makers on six continents who are making our world a better place.

Meet some of these amazing people: 

  • Maggie – a 19-year-old on a post high school “gap year" who built a home in Nepal for 30 orphans… using her saved babysitting earnings! She now lives there, and has recently completed construction on a school for 250 children.
  • David– a physician who trekked into Thailand’s remote northern hill-tribe villages, offering medical care where there is no doctor.
  • Ronni – a successful event planner, who saw good food being dumped daily, and started a food rescue program. She got Australian law changed, and now saves food from waste while feeding the hungry.
  • Maureen & Marian – Displaced autoworkers who are fighting for the basic human rights of others in the declining neighborhoods of inner city Detroit.          

How many people does it take to change the world?
               Only one – one person at a time...

Written and Directed by:      Gail Mooney
Producers:                           Erin Kelly and Gail Mooney
Executive Producer:            Angel Burns
Co-Producer:                       Thomas A. Kelly

Editor:                                  Erik Freeland   
Director of Photography:     Gail Mooney

The film is currently being entered into film festivals across the country.

The producers are seeking funding for festivals, marketing and promotion via the online crowd-funding site IndieGoGo at

The project can be followed at www.OpeningOurEyes.Net

The film trailer can be viewed at www.OpeningOurEyesMovie.Com

For more information please contact: gail@OpeningOurEyes.Net
or call 973/543-6868