Darlington Jones Imagery

My dad’s legacy is preserved everytime I take wedding pictures.

In 2006 I returned from Los Angeles with an A.A. in music studio production and started working in a recording studio beside some of Jamaica’s biggest international artistes like Luciano, Sly and Robbie, and Kevin Downswell. It never entered my mind to take up a camera until dad suddenly died in 2012.

After he passed, I picked up his camera and started photographing as part of my grieving process, as a way to connect with my memory of him. Through my grief I discovered a treasure – the ability to create visual stories with a camera. Beauty arose from ashes – I discovered a desire to help people remember their experiences.


Memories are the building blocks for legacies and by photographing those memories, I hope to make your wedding story timeless. I believe that families should preserve their legacy by keeping history alive for future generations – the wedding being a pivotal event that inspires an eternal family bond.

I work hard at creating hand-crafted products from your wedding which become family heirlooms. Whether it is wall art which has been framed on acid-free paper and sealed behind a glass, or recreating the visual story of your wedding into a photo album, you will have something from your wedding to touch. Join me in rebelling against the digital revolution which has trapped your memories in phones, behind computer screens.

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I love interacting with couples being a part of the build-up while helping as much as needed until the wedding experience when I participate in a story in their lives. If my dad were here now he’d tell me what he always did, “Whatever you decide, I will support you.” That includes being a lifestyle Jamaican wedding photographer. Here’s to building your legacy together!

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