Glasshouse Images

Glasshouse Images is a boutique stock photo and representation agency that caters to a select group of creatives who are always on the look out for exceptional and distinctive imagery. Glasshouse does not intend to be another mega-merger agency. We're not knocking them, that's just not us. We're dedicated to difference. Glasshouse is built to operate at maximum efficiency. We are big enough to show only the best, most artful and creative work, small enough to give the care and attention that forms profound and lasting relationships with both photographers and clients. We provide our clients with the highest quality images at a fair price, scans that are second to none in the industry, and the knowledge that we are dealing just as fairly with our photographers. What is the Glasshouse style? We accept only the most inspired and inspiring images with a clear commercial spark. We look for classic quality in combination with fresh vision. There is no room for dead weight here, because everyimage receives our maximum promotion. Glasshouse Images is a new agency with a high regard for photography, our photographers and our clients. We are intent on providing real content and real value with real integrity.

Stock, Lifestyle, Editorial, Advertising, Fine Art, Fashion/Accessories, Fitness, Gardens/Flowers, Travel, Food