Born to a Coast Guard Captain and a homemaker, I was raised to have a deep respect for family and hard work, because that’s how it is in Carolina. We were a family of six, and the center of our life was the evening dinner table. That’s where court was held, that’s where stories were shared, and that’s where we all learned to laugh and love.

At a very early age, I decided photography would be my path. School counselors encouraged me to pursue my dream, which led me to The Art Institute of Atlanta. I completed the program and went on to work with many professional commercial photographers. That’s were the true learning began.

Today, as a commercial photographer, I know I’ve found my creative center. For more than 20 years, I’ve made my living doing what I dreamed to do. I manage and shoot projects for companies and advertising agencies all over the world, with the help of a talented crew of friends. This keeps me very busy and very happy.

Some of my clients you might recognize: Panasonic, Husqvarna, Nationwide Insurance, Compass Group, Pedigree Dog Food, and Off Broadway Shoes. You can see others at

When I’m not shooting, I spend as much time as I can with my lovely wife and two incredible daughters, traveling, surfing, sailing, searching for sharks’ teeth, and gathering around the dinner table to talk about it.