Matthew Roharik wanted to be a rock star when he grew up. Luckily, for Corporate America that didn’t happen. Even more fortunate? He never grew up. Roharik has preserved the wide-eyed exuberance, optimism and fearlessness that fueled his first artistic endeavors as a scrappy little kid.

Over the past 15 years, Matthew Roharik has been entrusted with his client’s brands to travel the world to produce imagery for million dollar ad campaigns that can be currently seen in dozens of the top fashion, lifestyle and business magazines. Whether constructing elaborate stories, or uncovering the quiet vulnerability of sports legends, celebrities, and government officials, he does it with truth, conviction and an obsessive commitment to detail.

“I take every project personally. When someone hires me, they get my heart". They also get rare aesthetic intuition and instinct. Technological savvy. Design sensibility. Extensive experience and creative exploration. Passion that knows no boundaries. In essence, they get the rock star.

Work currently appearing in the following magazines: Cosmo, People, InTouch, Seventeen, Star, Women’s Health, Life & Style, Woman's World, First for Women, Entertainment Weekly, J-14, OK Weekly, Country Weekly, Twist, Girls Life, M, Justine, Yikes, and Soaps Weekly.