Kevin Steele was born in Kuwait with family roots in New York and a childhood growing up in several countries. Life began in the darkroom every day after high school followed by college studies in astronomy. For Kevin it’s all about the feeling as he creates an emotional connection in images that range from quiet and still to explosively dynamic. 

A commercial advertising photographer,  he loves shooting people with a zest for life. Kevin can work fast and light or crew up as needed for both stills and motion production with a great team.  With his wife and love he moves basecamp between Los Angeles, Philly and Los Cabos, Mexico. For him every assignment is an opportunity to create something extraordinary and have a lot of fun. 

Kevin has won numerous awards including Archive International's 200 Best Ad Photographers, Best of Show in the APA National Awards and a close second place in the sixth grade spelling bee. Recent commercial clients include American Express, Delta, The North Face, The Four Seasons and travel/tourism campaigns from California to South Dakota.