Kevin Dyer graduated from The University of Arizona with a degree in Media Arts and Journalism. However, it was when he moved to Bangkok, Thailand armed with little more than a backpack, a camera and a strong case of wanderlust that he found his calling. "It was like an epiphany for me. Everything came together and formed a synergy that I had never experienced before. I discovered new talents and passions that combined with my education and personality, all seemed to be guiding me in the same direction. From the moment I arrived I was curious about every aspect of the local culture. I wanted to be able to share this fascinating new world with everyone I knew so I naturally turned to my favorite medium." Kevin became more fervent about the craft and developed his style over the next six years, in which he took extended trips to countries such as Nepal, Vietnam, Brazil and others. "For me there is a symbiotic relationship between travel and photography, in that, one inspires meto do the other." He also spent three years of that time living in Japan, residing first in the countryside at the base of Mt. Fuji and then in Shibuya, the new epicenter of Tokyo. "At times living in such a gregarious society was a challenge for mehaving grown up in a culture that encourages individuality. However, looking back now, Japan was a wonderful opportunity; it allowed me to experience Japan from both a rural and urban perspective and therefore afforded me a broader view of their culture." Kevin will tell you that A World in Focus is not only his company's name, but also a state of mind. His goal is to promote cultural understanding through his photography. "It is when I expose somebody to a place or culture and inspire them to learn more about it, or explore it for themselves that I feel the greatest reward". Appreciating the beauty of our planet and celebrating our cultural diversity, this is the essence of A World in Focus.