Over the years, Katvan Studio has developed a reputation for excellence as a studio that knows how to get the job done, both artistically and economically. Its well-earned success is linked to photographers Moshe and Rivka Katvan, graduates of NewYork's School of Visual Arts. The Katvans' winning formula consists of their unique blend of experience and artistic innovation. By combining unique but complementary skills with an exciting, imaginative cutting-edge approach, the Katvans provide their clients with what is clearly the best of both worlds. Moshe handles all commercial and still-life projects, while joining forces with Rivka on the "people" and "slice of life" part of the business.Supplementing a strong, professional staff, the studio maintains a full range of the latest equipment. To complement its superior, traditional optical photographic capabilities, Katvan Studio has expanded into digital photography. By mastering this art, Katvan now creates exciting new digital images, utilizing the latest state-of-the-art technology in all aspects of production and post-production work.