As a photo-artist, Glen McClure says he is "self taught" and has learned from lots of good books and experience in photography studios. Until his early 20s, Mr. McClure had no idea of what he wanted to do with his life. That changed when, on a whim, he bought a camera. Then he was hooked. He learned from the ground up – literally: one of his first photography jobs saw him sweeping the studio floors. But this total immersion in the milieu gave Glen the interest and knowledge he needed to pursue his career.


From the beginning, he learned from every job. Eventually he went out on his own as a commercial photographer, renting a lofty studio in Norfolk's Ghent where he could view foot traffic from an upstairs window. Watching folks as they moved through daily life honed Glen's interest in making portraits. He eventually gathered images of folks who traversed the streets near his studio and made them into his first solo show in 2002 at the Contemporary Art Center of Virginia (now the Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art) in Virginia Beach.


He also excels in the other extreme of photography: the unpopulated landscape. A Norfolk native, Glen loves traveling to other parts of Virginia and the world. Since 2002, Glen has had over 40 one-man exhibitions of portraits as well as landscape images, and his work can be found in museums and private collections. His talent as a portrait photographer is enhanced by his disarming personality and ability to approach his subjects, many of whom claim they do not really want their picture made! Like a hypnotist, he simply says, "Look into the lens," with little other direction. And his love of travel and the natural elements draws him to photograph the landscapes of Italy, France and especially Ireland.