Photography is my passion. Funeral Photography is my purpose.

My History:

1995 was a major turning point in my life for several reasons. I pursued a career as a freelance editorial photographer in the niche Gospel Music Industry. Over the next 15 years, I became one of the primary photographers in the industry and the self-publisher of the only gospel music coffee table photography book on that industry. In 2013, I became a pioneer in another photography niche… Funeral Photography.

Funeral photography has been around for centuries because pictures can be a powerful way to capture the emotions of the day and pay a lasting tribute to those who pass on. In the 1840s Victorian era, it was a statement of respect and love. Although this type of funeral photography is rarely done today Duane Knight Funeral Photography, is one of the handfuls in the world that do it professionally… and with compassion. Our motto is “Creating Family Legacies… One Book at a Time”.