Double Image Studio is a point of view.


Double because they see the world from unique perspectives.

Susan Delgado comes from a Latin-American heritage and adds flair and warmth to every project. Nicholas Timmons, raised in France, brings a European sensibility to the studio. Their multicultural experience and approach result in distinct images. That's why their clients rely on their creative vision, whether they're ad agencies or international corporations.


Double because they both shoot.

Two creative minds that form one vision. They create images that are double-y fresh, engaging and unique — which help you create successful visual brands.


Double because they can fulfill the creative vision and the production.

Delgado and Timmons feel at home shooting in Burma, Iceland, Chile, Parsippany — or right in your own backyard. They cast models, scout locations, build sets and do their own post-production. To them, it's all part of the process. To you it means they are twice as valuable.


Double-y important, they love their work. And it shows.



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217 B West 7th Street

Richmond, VA 23224