Natalie’s style is described as Gritty, Cinematic and quarky. Natalie’s specialty and passion is working with people – Her personality and presence allows people to be at ease.

Her clients include ABC,  Warner Bros, Disney, The Food Network, MTV, AMEX, Obama, CNN, Getty. She has also photographed celebrities including Danny Glover, Christian Slator, Naveen Andrews,  Ian Summerlander , Michelle Obama, and Gary Oldman.

After attending the University of Utah for finance and working for four years in the mortgage industry, Natalie chose to pursue her passion and graduated from the Hallmark Institute of Photography in 2004.

Since that time she has worked on a variety of projects including Advertising, product photography,  Industrial Photography ,film stills, reality show production and events such as Sundance Film Festival and SXSW. 

Natalie is a firm supporter of education, community and reaches out to service non-profits when she can.  She does a lot of work with Growing Roots which is a non-profit that supports families with children with disabilities as well as the Amala Foundation that teaches international teens community and growth.     

Natalie has been on the board of the American Association of Media Photographers ( ASMP ) in Utah and Texas for 5 years.   This position allows her to reach out to the community of photographers, creating educational events supporting photographers and growth in the industry.

It is her unique style, exuberant personality, enduring passion, and love of the art of photography that sets her apart amongst her contemporaries.