My Dad gifted me a Panasonic Film camera (Hotshot Lookalike) when I was thirteen. I loved shooting with the sleek machine, without knowing the technicalities of film photography. It was my best buddy, always accompanying me..

As I grew up studies, exams, career were the only words and discussions we had, from NIFT to IIM. Though I did enjoy my life during this time but photography took a back seat. I hardly used my Film SLR.

After 9 years in job I picked up my Digital SLR (2012) and ventured out in wild for a weekend game drive.

In this trip I rediscovered my lost love and my passion for photography. Since then my love for photography has grown every day  and do not miss any opportunity to freeze a moment. I have to compensate for the lost years too :)

This is a glimpse of my journey so far with my camera and the world I that have seen through my viewfinder.

 I gave up my corporate life (2014) to pursue my passion for Photography. In this short span of time I have traveled a lot as my personal projects capturing different moods and emotions. Some of these pictures and articles has been published in National and International publications.

Now I work as a full time photographer and shoot Fashion, Beauty, Editorial, Wildlife and Landscapes.